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2007 – 2009: CONFERENCE INTERPRETING PROGRAMME, Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan.
2007 – 2009: Pedagogical assistance of the EU’s Directorate General for Interpretation. Online training.
2006 – 2009: MA studies, School of English, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan.
April 2008: organization of audiovisual translation workshop conducted by visiting professors from Scuola Superiore di Lingue Moderne per Interpreti e Traduttori (University of Triest, Italy) – Prof. Christopher Taylor, Prof. John Dodds.
January 2007 – June 2007: Socrates Erasmus Exchange Programme, Scuola Superiore di Lingue Moderne per Interpreti e Traduttori, Triest, Italy.
25th May 2007: I.P.E.C Excellence Level Examination under British Chamber of Commerce in Italy.
2003 – 2006: BA studies, School of English, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan.

Conference Interpreting Programme provides you with a professional training in simultaneous and consecutive interpreting. One can make use of the acquired skills not only on the Polish market, but also in European Institutions. As a part of the programme, I took a course in professional note-taking for consecutive interpreters. The programme also included subjects concerning European and International Organizations. Additionally, the conference interpreting programme focused on developing one’s language skills by incorporating interpreting from German into Polish. A course in Dutch was also a part of the curriculum.

Subjects and fields of interpretation:
• European Union (structural funds, DGs and their tasks, operational programmes, Common Agricultural Policy, Public-Private Partnership, directives etc.)
• business, economy, commerce, audit
• marketing
• law, politics
• science and technology
• ecology, biology, medicine
• current affairs in the world and in Poland
• mock-conference; interpreting original speeches of MEPs and politicians



• consecutive interpreting and liaison – 6-month contract with a food industry, interpreting concerning the works on the extension of the company, thematic scope: construction designs, utilities designs, OHS, negotiations, contracts and legal matters
• translation – brochures and PPT presentations of an engineering company providing their engineering and design services for food, pharmaceutical, chemical industries and in the field of utilities, renewable enrgy as well as OHS
• simultaneous interpreting - company’s governance workshops conducted by IBM
• translation - PPT presentation on rye cultivation as fodder for animals
• translation – work accident report form
• translation - HGV IVR scripts
• simultaneous interpreting - BUDMA 2014 Fair: doors and windows joinery, Innovation Forum and the leacture of Reiner Mahlamaki, the Finnish architect
• translation – news from BUDMA Fair: instllations, information from exhibitors, agenda, Cavaliada, MotorShow, EPLA and Subcontracting Fair
• translation – application for licence to distribute electrical energy
• translation – installation order for heavy parts in a waste incineration plant
• consecutive interpreting – workshops for midwives about the use analgesic gas
• simultaneous interpreting - European Conference on Rare Diseases and Orphan Products in Berlin – ECRD 2014
• translation – court’s verdict in a divorce case
• translation – ESPP, Employ Share Purchase Plan
• translation – consumers’ segmentation in the context of electrical energy services
• simultaneous interpreting  - meeting with advertising agency on changing logo of the enterprise
• translation – study on foetal development of eye globe and orbit
• proofreading - vocational life-long learning: vademecum and sample solutions


• chuchotage/consecutive interpreting – week-training for HR team in a mining industry
• translation – town mayor’s competencies
• translation – compliance declaration for food products
• proofreading – performance marketing
• translation – description of pharmaceutical company’s activity (licence, suppliers, processes, buildings, equipment)
• translation – description of procedure for rinsing equipment in food industry
• consecutive interpreting – incentive training: off-road and automotive industry
• translation – marketing aspects of mobile phones
• translation – ventilator manual
• translation – PPT presentation on rye cultivation
• translation – description of employees’ achievements and profiles
• translation – region promotion
• translation – guide book about the monuments of Northern Ireland
• translation – simulations for SAP implementation – TPM
• consecutive interpreting – valuation of fixed assets of a company
• translation – article on animal feeding
• consecutive interpreting – quality risk management process (QRMP) audit for food industry
• consecutive interperting/chuchotage – training in SAP implementation – CRM & SRM (2 weeks)
• translation – SAP procedures – HR, production, warehouse, logistic


• translation – job description of a machine park engineer
• translation – project of answers to audit results
• translation – description of a procedure for corporate purchases
• translation – workshop for managers: management readiness
• chuchotage – implementation of SAP
• chuchotage – animal feeding: pigs and cattle, meeting of Designer Teams in Denmark
• translation – loan agreement
• translation – SAP commands
• translation – technical procedures: magnetic separators, manual sorting, sealed containers
• translation – advertising campaign
• translation – PPT on trade fair presentations
• translation – PPT presentation on agriculture: cultivation, harvest, yield, market
• translation – agriculture article: tillage and no-tillage cultivation
• translation – PPT presentation in Safety Leadership
• consecutive interpreting – training in Safety Leadership
• consecutive interpreting – training in Quality risk Management
• translation – official smoking ban in a work place
• translation – geography curriculum for middle school
• translation – research project description on media digitalization
• translation – divorce documents
• translation – paper on advancement in medical technologies
• translation – agreement for a specific work in the area of film and culture
• consecutive interpreting – visit to a cow farm and rye fields
• translation – marketing and advertising PowerPoint presentations
• chuchotage (whispered interpreting) – ITE (Idea to Execution) training
• consecutive interpreting – business meeting on stainless steel houseware offer
• translation – news from the Wrocław stadium
• translation – tour guide about the monuments of the Northern Ireland
• liaison – interpretation during furniture fair in Poznań, sector: furniture lights
• consecutive interpreting – SAP negotiations
• consecutive interpreting – audit of a food processing company
• translation – fragment of companys’ act
• simultaneous interpreting – opening ceremony of Drema and Furnica fair in Poznań


• conference interpreting: consecutive and chuchotage during International Film and Music Festival TRANSATLANTIC 5-13.08.2011: James Cromwell, Michael Polish, Roy Conli, Christopher Young, George S. Clinton, Alan Rosenberg, Claudia Buthenhoff Duffy, Jan Komasa
• translation – memorandum of understanding for the provision of technical and maintenance services
• review – website WEBMAGIC.PL
• translation – EU budget memo
• translation – description of an antihistamine medicine
• translation – confidentiality agreement
• translation – Martinique as a holiday destination
• translation – IT training description
• translation – notarial document: authentication of signatures
• translation – news from Szczecinek
• translation – news from the Wrocław stadium
• translation – elements of land development plan
• translation – agreement on the provision of consulting and marketing services
• translation – news from Szczecinek
• review – text on manslaughter in Ponary
• translation – terms and conditions of carriage of goods
• translation – The Economist’s report on energy efficiency
• translation – agreement on promotion campaign in a supermarket
• translation – agreement concerning a boxing event
• translation – Minister’s Ordinance on the safety of mass events
• translation – George Michael’s concert in Wrocław
• translation – tourist attractions in Sandomierz
• translation – purchasing policy implemented by marketing purchasing department
• translation – news from stadium construction site
• translation – forensics report on cigarettes samples
• translation – news from Szczecinek
• translation – rules of employee benefit fund
• translation – rules of the use of corporate payment cards
• translation – articles for beer lovers (unknown brands and aromas)
• audiovisual translation – subtitles and voice-over for Manager DVD (relaxation techniques/dealing with depression)
• translation – news from Szczecinek
• translation – website of wheelchair lifts
• translation – beer tasting
• consecutive interpreting – HR meeting concerning the redundancies’ process
• translation – leaflet on the elderly care programme
• translation – power point presentation on mobile game application
• translation – document from a surveyor
• translation – power point presentation on the organisation of a road and safety show
• review – power point presentation on beer industry
• translation – leaflet on accident at work
• translation – leaflet on exhibition stands
• translation – articles on beer industry
• translation – document of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority
• simultaneous interpreting – Regional Meeting for managers of the SME sector: Innovation in the Service Sector
• translation – labour inspector decision on mobbing
• translation – power point presentation Industry Practice Group “International Energy/Oil & Gas”
• translation – grounds of Financial Supervision Commission concerning a rating agency
• translation – internet article “Work in Sweden
• consecutive interpreting – wine tasting organized for the participants of “V International Course in Shoulder, Elbow and Wrist Surgery” by the University of Medicine in Poznań
• translation – power point presentation “Environmental incidents”


• October onwards – teacher of translation: conducting tailored postgraduate course in translation form English into Polish, with elements of conference interpreting at Wyższa Szkoła Języków Obcych im. Samuela Bogumiła Lindego in Poznań
• translation – Adgma wood pallets producer website
• translation – General Directorate for Environmental Protection website
• translation – promotion campaign agreements for The Coca-Cola Company
• translation – post-conference publication “The Local Media” for the University of Opole, Department of Political Science
• translation – FDM sector BAT for the Ministry of the Environment
• translation – series of agreements for the Institute of National Remebrance
• translation – news for the City of Szczecinek
• translation – Ramsar Convention Resolutions
• translation – power point presentation “How not to become a business man” SYNKREO
• translation – power point presentation “Tobacco retailers market segmentation research”


• interpreting (simultaneous) – International Student Conference in Antiquity and Bizantyne Studies at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan
• translation – information about new runway overlay at Billund International Airport in Denmark
• translation – Legion magazine article about Katyń
• translation – Puls Dnia article on European funds for food producers


• March 2008 – June 2008: IDEA Language Centre, translation internship (fields: business, stock exchange, finances, economy, medicine, pharmacy)
• translation – PowerPoint presentation for Szczecinek: economy, education, NGOs, transport, infrastructure, tourism


• September 2007 – January 2007: English Language Primary School in Poznan, teacher of English